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NAME: Anthony Johnson

SCHOOL: Buffalo


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 83


HT: 6-2

WT: 207 lbs

D.O.B.: Not Available

PROS: Anthony Johnson is in some impressive natural skills as a receiver, he consistently illustrates the ability to identify and adjust to the football late, allowing for a sudden flash of the hands and minimizing the opportunities for defenders to play through his hands and contest the throw. Johnson also illustrates desirable body control, both along the sideline and when addressing the ball, ensuring that he’s able to position his body around traffic and uncover effectively. Was immensely productive in 2017, putting up 113.0 yards per game and 14 receiving touchdowns in 2017. Shows good toughness after the catch, is persistent in pressing forward and trying to spin off a would be tackler.

CONS: Appears to be a better athlete than he’s currently able to show, due to some hollow route running skills. Production was inflated last year with rub concepts and manufactured targets, so league may show apprehension in high valuation unless he’s able to show more polish as a route runner in 2018. Route improvement will stem from added dynamics on his stem, is a fairly linear runner and needs to manipulate DBs with more intent.

– Kyle Crabbs