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NAME: Jarrett Stidham

SCHOOL: Auburn


POSITION: Quarterback

CLASS: RS Junior



HT: 6’2

WT: 214 lbs

D.O.B.: 8/8/1996

PROS: Ball placement and accuracy are generally strong. Footwork to set up and climb the pocket is smooth. Strong mechanics for the most part. Quick throwing motion and can deliver the ball from awkward angles. Some of this throws on the move vs Bama and LSU were really well-placed.

Has flashed the ability to drop the ball in the bucket vertically. Usually gives his receivers a good chance on deep balls. Has enough athleticism to extend plays as needed. Generally a good decision-maker, doesn’t force things and knows when to tuck it and get what he can. Doesn’t miss many gimmes.

CONS: Mental processing is going to be a big concern. Auburn offense was super simple for him, both in reads and limited throws with a high degree of difficulty. When they did ask him to process route combinations down the field, often was hesitant to pull the trigger on tougher throws. Would force up a deep shot or enter scramble mode too often on more extensive route combinations. Dropped his eyes too quickly in the pocket in some games, missing open receivers to take off. Must improve his eye manipulation to move safeties.

Needs to keep consistent lower body mechanics at all times. When opening and throwing to his left or right, must remember to bring his trail foot around to keep the ball from dipping on him. Will try to all-arm short throws, but doesn’t have that kind of cannon. Arm strength is solid, not great. Struggles to drive the ball with pace to the sideline from opposite hash. Deeper out-breaking throws were an adventure.

Tends to place his vertical balls down the sideline out over the numbers a little rather than to the boundary where receiver has an advantage. Has bouts of play where he completely falls apart, typically when his team is down late. Late vs LSU threw 3 straight balls that should have been intercepted. Late vs UGA in SEC Championship he was completely unraveled. Must stay more poised under situational and physical pressure.

-Jon Ledyard