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NAME: Evan Worthington

SCHOOL: Colorado



CLASS: Senior



HT: 6’2

WT: 205 lbs

D.O.B.: 9/18/95

PROS: Has ideal NFL size and outstanding length. Uses size and fluid hip hinge well at the line of scrimmage to suffocate routes early. Has nice mirror ability and technique, especially for a player of his size, in off and press coverage alike. Can turn and run with good short area burst. Agility not overwhelming through angles, but he can handle double moves/head fakes with good discipline. Rarely gets his hips turned out of position and keeps good leverage down the field. Comfortable playing in the trail, and has the explosiveness and length to close and affect the catch point. Should be able to match up NFL tight ends well.

Is a great space tackler. Breaks down and tracks the hips with great technique and patience; knows how to maximize length to make safe tackles. Angles from deep and from box generally sound when playing downhill. Turn and run ability on display as a centerfield defender, though he can be a touch late to click and close. Will respond to shifting quarterback and adjust zones.

CONS: Not a natural deep zone defender at all. Angles tend to be very wonky when working with route concepts and space, with some too aggressive and some too tepid. Much better as a box defender with man/short zone responsibilities. Best plays from centerfield exclusively come on downhill reps. Keeps his hips down in most reps, but is high-waisted and does have a bit of pop up when he hinges, which limits his short-area agility. Will struggle against slot receivers in off coverage; it’s tough for him to handle explosive breaks.

Generally keys late when reading the run–whether because of intentionally cautious play as the deep defender, or because of poor processing speed, it’s yet unclear. Late processing will put him into more difficult angles of play against the run, especially when operating as the slot cornerback, which stresses his pedestrian long speed. Likely limited to box safety play in the NFL, but has the profile of a starter therein.

– Benjamin Solak