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Name: David Montgomery

SCHOOL: Iowa State


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 32


HT: 5’11

WT: 216 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

PROS: Outstanding contact balance. Runs through defenders with churning legs to pick up yards after and through contact. Can drop his pads and run over smaller defenders. Sturdy, stout NFL build for a workhorse running back. Strength throughout his frame. Often takes multiple defenders to bring him down. Surprisingly good lateral mover who can find creases. Patient runner behind the line of scrimmage with an obvious second gear to burst through holes. Solid elusiveness in open space. Does a good job of cutting back and running to green grass in the open field. Hard cuts. Lines up all around the formation and has shown the ability to run routes surprisingly well. Keeps potential tacklers away with a strong stiff arm. Picks up dirty yards, low compact runner who is relentless.

CONS: Occasionally shaky hands in the pass game. Can have lapses in vision and will try to bounce plays when not necessary to do so. Running style could lead to durability issues. A solid amount of runs for a loss. Doesn’t have the top-end breakaway speed when he gets behind defensive backs. 

PROS: Impossibly instinctive player, especially in space. Has an inherent knack for angles and incoming contact — melts through tackles he (and anyone else) has no business getting through. Body control to make slight adjustments on the fly particularly impresses. Combination of body control and instincts add to an already astounding profile of contact balance. Has a low-riding frame as well, with great thickness around the thighs, and a very high step frequency. Traits and skills combine to create one of the best, most jaw-dropping profiles of tackle-breaking and RAC I can remember.

Has a decent feel for flow in the first level and knows when he can bang backside on zone concepts. Can use blockers in front of him to establish advantageous leverage before striking the hole. Unafraid of dropping pads, especially in the second level, to create dirty yardage while being tackled. Excels as a receiver from both backfield and receiver alignments alike — is guilty of concentration drops, but generally has great hands away from frame. Runs sharp routes, as expected given body control profile. Uses natural leverage and good lower body power well in pass protection. Stiff-arm has snatched more than a few bodies.

CONS: Athleticism a major question mark. Has good lateral agility to accomplish jump cuts, but seems only average to below average in terms of burst and long speed. Struggles to win the corner on bounces with pure explosiveness and lacks a downfield mentality when given a north/south runway in the backfield. Will dilly-dally and does not open up his stride to eat up ground — stride length generally short.

Does not have particularly impressive vision when pressing the line of scrimmage. Will panic when his first read is closed and look to bounce when he just needs to eat the minimal gain and live to fight another down. Will take wider gaps unnecessarily tight and expose himself to unnecessary contact. Almost needs contact as a runner to thrive.