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NAME: David Long

SCHOOL: Michigan


POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 22


HT: 5-11

WT: 187 lbs

D.O.B.: 2/6/1998

PROS: Physical corner in the face of receivers, offering good transitional quickness to chase after releases up the field. Has an active stab at the line of scrimmage to aid in filtering route release. Built low to the ground and as a result has a smooth, natural flip of the hips, can get vertical out of press coverage quickly and without delay. Has shown effective awareness of route combinations when isolated in shallow zones, buzzed off of a flat route to intercept a red zone pass against Maryland. Has patience inside of the 5-yard window, riding out release and trusting feet and hips to carry him back into a position in phase to challenge the throw.

CONS: Is lacking in ideal height to play on the boundary. Would like to see greater abilities in stacking up blockers on the boundary, can get caught up in the trash with too much frequency and never make an impact in run support. Can be a touch too physical from the hip pocket in man to man coverage, runs the risk of getting called for DPI on a lot of contested targets. Needs to free hands from the torso of receiver and react to the eyes/hands of receivers earlier in coverage.

– Kyle Crabbs