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NAME: Damien Harris

SCHOOL: Alabama


POSITION: Running Back

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 34


HT: 5’10

WT: 216 lbs

D.O.B.: 2/11/1997

PROS: Compact, powerful frame. Very little wasted movement, doesn’t dance in the backfield, finds space and gets vertical. Mental processing is outstanding, finds cutback lanes and gets north. Manipulates second level defenders. Light, quick feet to redirect quickly. Always has a plan of attack. Contact balance is impressive, absorbs shots and keeps moving. Drops his pads through the hole. Soft hands as a receiver, and savvy enough to maximize his opportunities. Ball security is excellent. Terrific ability to find slivers of space in short yardage situations.

CONS: Not an explosive runner. Burst and long speed are lacking. While his balance is excellent, not a true tackle breaker or battering ram back. Not particularly elusive in the open field, nor dynamic in space. Role as a receiver was simplistic, very little downfield work or splash plays. Lack of elite athleticism could put a ceiling on his NFL impact. Technique in pass protection is disappointing. Often resorts to throwing a shoulder at his opponent, rather than squaring up and punching. Knocked back by bull rushes and struggled to handle linebackers 1v1.

PROS: Rocked-up runner with bad intentions between the tackles. Loves to run as the aggressor and regularly breaks first contact, even when defender has the advantage with positioning and velocity. Does very well as a one-cut runner, either working into space or when reading zone flow. Decisive and intentional in picking up positive yardage. Has some good burst, especially when turning the corner on the outside, to expose flat angles and force diving tackle attempts. Adequately experienced as a receiver and pass protector alike — has the profile to be successful there at the NFL level.

CONS: Lacks agility in the open-field to make defenders miss — resorts to running through them for positive yardage, but ultimately seems lacking in third-level ability to break plays open. Can get chased down on breakaway opportunities and must develop some tackle-breaking moves — stiff arm, jump cut — to make better use of opportunities in space. Lack of athleticism makes him a low-ceiling prospect, as I currently see it. Decisiveness will mutate into impatience, especially with early bounces to the outside on power concepts. Will fail to recruit entire frame in pass protection efforts, which is disappointing given size profile.