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Name: Denzel Mims

SCHOOL: Baylor


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 15


HT: 6’3

WT: 208 lbs

D.O.B.: N/A

PROS: Incredible catch radius. Perfect extension and concentration to passes all-around his frame and does an excellent job of tucking the football into his body immediately. Seamless body control that allows him to adjust, contort, and position his frame to make receptions regardless of ball placement. Length in his frame makes him a consistent winner even with average accuracy from the quarterback position.

Has truly elite burst and long speed as a former decorated track and field athlete. One of the most explosive athletes in college football who also has strength throughout his frame. Does an excellent job a changing the pace of his vertical stems to get defensive backs on their heels before bursting by them. As a route runner, he’s able to get in and out of horizontal breaks efficiently. Despite slight technique issues, his elite feet and athleticism allow him to mostly be an effective route runner, especially for his size. Attacks leverage as a route runner well, and his vertical cuts can generate separation when he gets defensive backs to open their hips. Has gotten defensive backs off-balance with his shiftiness at the line of scrimmage as well as double moves, but can also separate using physicality.

Can drive off aggressive defensive backs in space when relied upon to do so. Legitimate redzone potential because of his frame and ball skills. Mims’ ceiling is easily one of the highest in the class.

CONS: There are technical issues that need to be cleaned up in order for him to be more consistent and effective as a route runner. Will raise his upper body during his stem, not maintaining low pads and his shoulder over his toes. This results in a slight lean back and telegraphs when a route break is about to occur. Generally this will slow down the efficiency of breaks, so as Mims is still effective, he isn’t reaching his potential as a route runner.

Mims only has average upper body strength and at the catchpoint, preventing him from being a dominating presence through contact. Has shown some lapses in concentration while tracking more elementary passes or blocking on the edge during inside runs. He has a solid motor, but when there are lapses in his effort the mistakes have stalled drives.

-Brad Kelly