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Name: Marquise Brown

SCHOOL: Oklahoma


POSITION: Wide Receiver

CLASS: Junior



HT: 5’10

WT: 168 lbs

D.O.B.: 6/4/1997

PROS: Does an excellent job of being patient yet sudden on releases. Able to accelerate from 0-60 with great burst which allows him to separate vertically. Elite lateral mover that can stay clean against press. Effortlessly breaks off routes because of his loose hips and explosiveness. Developing deceptions in his stems, able to tease defensive backs or gain a step with a changed pace. Swift runner who has seamless running technique and balance. Defenders have a tough time attempting to contact him because of his agility and natural elusiveness. His developed lateral chain allows him to run vertically without breaking stride and simultaneously avoid potential tacklers. Does an excellent job of finding space in the open field and picking up yardage in a hurry.

Used in a variety of roles in Oklahoma’s offense, playing on the outside, in the slot, in the backfield, or as threat with motion. Vertical threat because of his speed who can always be used in extending triple option or behind the line of scrimmage in space. Defenders struggle to corral him with proper angles because of his quickness and long speed. Has shown the awareness to find work after running his routes when the ball goes elsewhere or his quarterback takes off as a runner, positioning himself and changing the desired angle of the pursuit. Has mostly shown a solid motor and effort when asked to block in space.

CONS: Most of his weaknesses extend from his slight frame. Lacks overall strength and contact balance, and can go down relatively easily once hit by defenders. Will need to add enough weight for the next level without sacrificing his explosiveness and burst. Has shown flashes of shaky hands, with a few too many drops as well as instances of him fighting the ball. Not necessarily a natural pass catcher who will consistently extend his hands towards the catchpoint. Lack of length and extension can allowed the ball to be played be defensive backs with too much regularity. In control of his body but doesn’t do a great job of positioning his frame in order to shield defensive backs when tracking the ball.

Has shown improper technique as a blocker, overrunning his approach as well as not climbing into blocks. With his lack of size, his technique needs to match his motor in order to be an effective blocker. Has been the recipient of outstanding quarterback play and offensive scheme at the college level, will need to prove his production can be sustained outside of the Oklahoma offense.

-Brad Kelly