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NAME: David Edwards

SCHOOL: Wisconsin


POSITION: Offensive Tackle

CLASS: RS Junior

JERSEY: No. 79


HT: 6-7

WT: 319 lbs

D.O.B.: Not Available

PROS: Is an absolute monster in the run game. Capable of blowing the doors open and producing large rushing lanes for the ball carrier. Effective in head up blocks to run the feet and roll hips through contact, isn’t reliant on double teams to physically dominate. Looming frame offers a lot of reach as well, has long arms and the ability to extend and ride rushers beyond the peak of the pocket when tested in pass sets. Has a splendid ability to detach on chip blocks and double teams to address a second level defender. Is a finisher, will walk opponents out of the frame completely and plays with tenacity through the whistle. Has impressive functional athleticism and is capable of sticking tight in the hip pocket of defensive linemen during cut-off reps and outside run looks.

CONS: A former tight end, Edwards arrived on campus at 240 lbs before packing on the pounds and transitioning to Right Tackle. As a result of transition, has some technical deficiencies that need to be address, most particularly a prominent false step in deep pass sets, which negates stride length and forces Edwards to pivot prematurely and offer a soft edge to pass rushers. Continued development on footwork is a key for Edwards entering 2018 season, where he could solidify himself as a top positional prospect in the country.

– Kyle Crabbs