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NAME: Parris Campbell

SCHOOL: Ohio State


POSITION: Wide receiver

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 21


HT: 6-0

WT: 208

D.O.B.: 7/16/1997

PROS: Explosive athlete. Has big play potential any time he touches the football, as evidenced by large run after catches and manufactured touches from the Ohio State coaching staff. Is widely considered one of the fasted players in the country, second gear is visible in the open field. Runs a handful of patterns with very good effectiveness, most notably the slant route. When offered a clean release is capable of accelerating hard and stepping onto the toes of defenders before flipping his eyes inside and driving hard off the outside foot to explode into an open target. Showed no issues with drops in games sampled for this exercise. Has prominent upside and will have every opportunity to continue to grow and develop into a more well-rounded player with a better passer at the helm and more reps at the top of the depth chart.

CONS: Polish as a route runner isn’t present at this point in Campbell’s development outside of just a few routes. Struggles at the top of route stems to play with the same quickness he illustrates in linear situation. Has a hard time generating burst out of a break, while also needed to try to find some physicality to nudge defenders out of his hip pocket to help assist in creating space. Lean cut player who can be brought down without a whole lot of contact. Production figures have been boosted by jet motion and touch passes at the snap, meaning Campbell will need to win in a more traditional way in 2018 to alleviate concerns that he is “just” a gadget player.

– Kyle Crabbs