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*signals teams that are currently in the playoffs and their order is not set yet.

Determining Draft Order

Determination of Draft order for the 32 NFL teams is based on the record and playoff finish by each team in that year.

For the teams that did not make the playoffs, order is determined by overall season record with the worst record picking first.

For the teams that made the playoffs, the rest of the picks are ordered by playoff record with the teams that lose getting lower picks based on which round they were ousted and the Super Bowl winner getting the last pick.

For the playoff teams that got eliminated in the same round, their order is determined by regular season record.

Overall ties are then broken by strength of schedule, which is a calculation of the combined record of all of a team’s opponents in that year, with divisional opponents counting twice.

The next tie breaker is record against conference opponents and then divisional opponents.

The final tie breaker is a coin flip, if tie still exists.

After the first round, the order is determined by revolving the teams with the same records with the team that just picked first of the group picking last in the next round.

If there is an expansion team, that team will pick first, and if there are two expansion teams, they will flip a coin with one team getting the first pick in the draft and the other in the expansion draft of current players.