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NAME: Andre Dillard

SCHOOL: Washington State



CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 60


HT: 6’5

WT: 306 lbs

D.O.B.: 10/3/?

PROS: Very quick mover with active feet. Has excellent recovery quickness. Carries his weight naturally and can uncoil his hips to generate power, though it’s infrequent on tape. Explosiveness out of stance on running assignments is clear. Works great angles to the second level and regularly gets hips situated to create rushing lanes. Agility enough for all zone responsibilities, though lack of power limits ability here. Proactive in pass protection with hands, especially when approaching stunts and twists. Grip strength, when hands are correctly placed, impresses. Can sustain reps with grip, active footwork, and constant resetting of angles as the rush develops.

CONS: Lacks power and anchor in a bad way, and as such, pass protection is generally a mess. Wants to keep the entire pass protection rep at the edge of his length, locking out elbows and screening with quick feet instead of engaging upper body to dictate where the rusher goes. Hand location is accordingly wildly inconsistent (often wide, catch instead of punch), and has a tendency to pop and screen in pass protection instead of using length grip and control.

As a result of hand technique and lack of functional power, is woefully susceptible to power. Bull rushes regularly walk him back into lap of quarterback. Full extension technique results in massive forward lean and hinging at the hips, which leaves him highly vulnerable to the push-pull. Vertical set technique typical of Washington State can weaken his explosiveness out of his stance and limit his depth in his pass set, forcing him to open the door to beat speed rushers to the corner. Vertical set and tendency to play with lean also leads to excessive widening of his base, which caps his ability to react to quickness; as such, can lose to stutter steps and feints that force him to widen.

– Benjamin Solak