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NAME: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

SCHOOL: Stanford



CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 19


HT: 6’2

WT: 222 lbs

D.O.B.: 12/31/96

PROS: Excellent receiver at all three levels with some elite traits. Has great acceleration and long strides eat up a ton of room, immediately threatening corner deep. Burst is “blow-by” levels of instant.

Has great concentration and body control downfield to make acrobatic catches from difficult body angles; catch radius and flexibility impress. Locates ball quickly and often adjusts before defenders. Does well through route and at catch point to fight for leverage, creating large throwing windows. Does great work playing physically downfield, fighting with hands and using elbows to maintain distance from CB. Regularly addresses football away from his frame; can makes catches through contact. Leverage plays particularly impress on goal line fades. Has excellent vestibular sense and regularly creates enough room on sidelines/between defenders to make plays.

Does excellent work at line of scrimmage and through stem to generate advantageous angles. Has gallop, two-step, and stutter step approaches off the line that freeze defensive backs and allow him to eat up cushion, which adds to the effect of his 0-to-60 speed. Willing and able to fight with hands within contact window to keep chest plate clean through cornerbacks’ cylinders; will rip through press attempts with some success. Excellent use of jab steps and head fakes at the top of routes to shift cornerbacks’ weight and create more room for eventual break. Can couple excellent break work with knowledge of leverage, using leans in route stems to deceive cornerback of true intentions.

Gets head and numbers back to QB quickly on breaks. Addresses the football categorically at the point of greatest safety from oncoming defenders. Good YAC threat who transitions quickly and leans on spatial awareness to flow into path of least resistance; uses stutter and jab steps again to help make players miss in space. Active blocker who likes to get involved downfield.

CONS: Not super snappy out of his breaks–long strides seem to limit short area quickness in this regard. Doesn’t have the greatest hands; will commit drops especially when late identifying the football, thus forcing an instinctive catching technique. Will occasionally tip breaks/extensions for the football earlier than he needs to, which gives DBs time to recover instinctively. Physical play style could be called for more OPIs in the NFL. Has not encountered much press on tape, though that which he has encountered, he has handled.
 – Benjamin Solak